The Real PM

" A gripping and brilliant film"
Rosie Boycott Evening Standard

Screen Daily

‘Sits comfortably in the storyville Roster of excellence.'

The Sunday Telegraph

'Sharp and delicate eye for detail'

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The Improbability of Love

Annie McDee, thirty-one and recovering from the end of a long-term relationship who is working as a chef and searching for a birthday present for her unsuitable new lover in a neglected London second-hand shop.

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The Jazz Baroness

A love story against the odds. -
Virago/Little Brown 2011

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Frank Auerbach
To the Studio

The legendary painter rarely leaves his studio: he works 365 days a year, from sun-up to sun-down in a furious race against time. There is not a
minute to waste.  

His main links with the outside world are the models who¹ve sat for him for between ten and forty-two years. They are from diverse backgrounds: acting, academia, filmmaking and business. They talk with insight about being painted and about the man behind the canvas.

Auerbach is filmed in his studio, sketching in the National Gallery and around Camden town, talking about his sitters, his routine, his compulsions, strange rituals, his ambitions and his heroes. 

'A fascinating and revealing film.'
The Mail

'A remarkable film.'
The Telegraph Magazine

'A fascinating profile of the artist.... This is that rarity, a good, unself-indulgent, ungimmicky arts programme.' Martin Hoyle,

The Financial Times.

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